25 Мај 2018 By In Дешавања

What we are learning?

1/Chinese Language (We have a test for the language level which call HSK. You will pass level 1 in the first year if you come every class)

2/Chinese Culture (Every month I will discuss one topic, sometimes will be poem , sometimes will be travel, sometimes will be folk music and so on)

3/Chinese Songs (Each month you will learn a new Chinese popular song. After learning the songs, if you are interested, I will teach dance)


When is the class?

1/Monday and Wednesday 13:25-14:10 /14:15-15:00



What can you get?

1/After you pass HSK , you will get a certification. If you pass level 4 , you can apply for university in China.

2/Every year, we have a competition called “Chinese Bridge”. If you are the champion of this you will get a chance to join the last competition in China for free. This competition will last for 18days in China.

 paper cutting in Chinese class

 you learn how to write characters

 俐俐 joined the competition and showed traditional Chinese dance

The students who joined the competition this year

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